offering Affordable ADVERTISING

We’re local business owners, just like you! Therefore, it’s important to us we keep our advertising costs low for small businesses and even sole-proprietorships, so these awesome folks can take part in top quality, brand-building advertising, which works! Hyper-local, upscale advertising options are scarce in Central Texas. We are filling that void, so small business owners can promote to their communities in a medium which reflects the quality of their brands. 
It’s important to us we simplify our advertising packages, so small business owners are able to rely on us to develop effective campaigns, so can get back to running their businesses. From the top down, we value transparency. Everything you need to know about advertising with us, or sponsoring one of our events, is right here on our website. 
We have experience in publishing, advertising, marketing and small business operations. We know the challenges small business owners face (cash flow, seasonal fluctuations, limited marketing budgets, no time to plan marketing in advance, wearing 500 hats at once, etc…); and we have strategically positioned our products to address these specific needs. We publish elegant lifestyle magazines and produce community events that readers love, and of which our clients are proud to be a part.

Our Success is Your Success