About Us

Welcome to the Heart of Centex Magazine

Centex Media JW Group is a marketing company that is dedicated to the growth of a small business presence in the Central Texas area.  Centex will increase its presence in the community which allows us to bring attention to our customers. By producing a magazine that will give its readers a diverse pallet of small businesses within the Central Texas community, and urge them to shop small which we believe will help boost the local economy. 

Who Are We

We provide a platforms for small businesses to reach their customers with a multi level advertising venues to help take the businesses to another level.The plan is to build a roadmap to local small businesses for their potential customers.

Our Mission

Centex Magazine will provide a mix of appealing, electric and eye engaging advertising aimed to spotlight Small businesses in the Central Texas area. Centex Magazine will integrate small businesses and the community by connecting each other through printed, virtual, and face-to-face interaction. As the areas, only full color glossy magazine aiming to be an essential part of the overall marketing strategy for small businesses, we intend our readers to connect with each other by knowing what Central Texas Small businesses have to offer.


What We Do

Provide Affordable Marketing solutions to small businesses and help them reach their customers.

Our history

We are currently in Stage 1 of our strategic plan to set us apart from other marketing firms  on top of offering competitive pricing.  Centex was granted a proclamation and committed to the Mayor of Killeen to host “1st Annual Killeen Small Business Day” on August 21st and every year to follow this one.  “Keeping our money local,” is the goal of this particular day.  When intend to grow and attract more small businesses each year and help them present their products and services to the community. We will continue this event and add classes and other beneficial elements that will grab out target markets attention.

Our 6-D process



What your business needs to bring your customers directly to your front door.



Your target market.  Who is your customer? How do you best reach them? Formulate a budget that allocates your investment into your business and turns a person into a customer.



A appealing marketing strategy that highlights your the creative aspects your business brings to the community.



A campaign that brands your business.



A concept to help your customers aware of the products and services available from a company so that they may become willing to make the purchase. Creating a desire in customers to buy is through promotion and persuasion of the value of the products and services. This begins with informing the mind, through the provision of information about the product characteristics, benefits and value.



A 3 fold marketing strategy print, virtual and face-to-face. Follow-up with customers to satisfy and delight customer expectations of the products and services they have purchased will bode well for brand establishment and future sales.

Why choose us?

Amazing graphic design team that will make sure your business is represented well.

-Print and online magazine with attractive ad, coupons, community calendar and non profit organization information

-Providing digital and social media marketing to align with added value of magazine ad

-Hosting small business networking, vendor, fundraising  and classes for businesses to build a strong network and business relationships with each other and the community

-Answer the needs of small businesses marketing materials to promote their business to new customers (flyers, business cards, magnets, promotional materials)

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